Our replacement blades are a fraction of Gillette's prices

Gillette Fusion Proglide Blades (4-pack) are £15.99 at gillette.co.uk, for the same price we will send you (8-pack)

Switch to Clean Shaven because...

  • Our razors are top-notch and last for ages.
  • Better Value than Gillette
  • Free Delivery on all blade refill orders
  • Order online or via telephone 01282 222580
  • Supporting a British Company

Razor Offer

Razor Offer

Try our Longer Lasting Razor! 

- Perfectly weighted razor handle.
– 5 bladed razor for smooth shave 
– Trimmer on the back of the blade.
– Lubricating strip with aloe
– Each razor refill lasts 4 weeks+

Just pay £3.99 including delivery
(Not tied into a subscription either)


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What Ex-Gillette customers say...

Chris Dawes
Used to use Gillette Fusion (which are very good), then tried various "clubs", all of whom were OK, but not as good as the Fusion. ... Then tried Clean Shaven trial pack, and found the 5 blade system excellent. Have since tried the shave cream, after shave cream and the fragrances, and am more than happy. Quality products, good prices, and no membership required.
John Mabbott
I have been shaving for over 50 years and I was fed up with the price of my Gillette blades. I tried Cornerstone but was unhappy ... with the shave and handle so was reluctant to try yet another.I gave Clean Shaven a go and am hooked. I can say that I get the closest shave I have ever had and the handle is very comfortable to hold. Service is very good to boot. Yes, the shave is not quite as smooth as my old razor but that is a price I am willing to pay for a great shave.
I've been delighted with Clean Shaven - I left Gillette after their awful advertising campaign and now enjoy similar ... quality but at a much lower price - I like the travel cover and have also bought their shaving cream - very happy and enjoy "sticking it" to Gillette every morning
Neil McPhee
Cleanshaven's blades are remarkable. I started using them after quitting Gillette, which I had used for 35 years. ... Cleanshaven's blades last about ten times longer than Gillette, as they are more robust and extremely sharp. It will take a few days to get used to them, because they are are long-lasting blades, not the ultra-thin type used in Gillette (I can't compare with other blade brands because I only ever used Gillette prior to switching to cleanshaven). I only wish I'd started using Cleanshaven years ago, because I was spending a fortune on Gillette and could have saved a great deal of money. A Cleanshaven razor head lasts me three months, and I shave three to four times a week. A Gillette head would go dull in ten days or less. Five stars, for durability, value for money, customer service and prompt delivery (with minimal packaging).
Sharon Reynolds
Fast efficient service and delivery. As good as any Gillette or Wilkinson sword. Great Product and value for money
Robert Quinn
i bought two clean shaven razors and a few extra blades, 1 for home and 1 for my travel bag, as someone who has ... used anything but Gillette in the past, i find the clean shaven handle better quality than the cheap plastic feeling gillette, and as for the shave itself its equal to and perhaps even better than Gillette i still have a few spare blades for my Gillette power, so i will use each one alternately until my Gillette blades are finished then i will stick to my Clean Shaven kit, i recommend giving CS a try, for little money it's worth it and you might prefer it, go on give it a try🪒
alan Rhodes
Best shave ever from the 5 blade razor. Very smooth and no cuts. Far better than Gillette fusion .
Natwarlal Kerai
Bought the blades last year. Bought 2 years supply. Very sharp blades and a very comfortable shave. Better than ... Gillette anytime. Recently I bought the fragrances which came with the shave cream and the balm. Great fragrances. I tried the shave cream and WOW what a shave. The cream stays on your face when activated with water making it a fast shaving experience. Also noticed the blades don't get clogged up. I'm using Gillette shave gel now just to finish it off. Noticed the blades clog up. When I've finished with the shave gel I'll be doing a big order of the shave cream and shave balm because I shave everyday. Also the blades last me exactly 1 month by shaving everyday. Anyone still sceptical just like I was, believe me ditch your old razors and join Clean shaven. Quality products, better price and money's worth. Can never go wrong with Clean shaven. A big thumbs up from me.👍👍
Richard Wallace
Have been using clean shaven for a couple of years now and I have been very happy with service and quality of products. ... Blades are of good quality and last a lot longer than Gillette.
I switched from Gillette to Clean Shaven as a trial that was over 18 months ago. I use the 5 blade head as I did with ... Gillette and personally I find very little difference apart from the price. An all together honest, reliable and excellent value for money. I have been shaving for 50 years plus, so plenty of experience.
Gerald Marshall
Cleanshaven razors are fantastic for both quality & price. There is no contract like other razor sites, so you buy ... what you want when you want. If you buy larger quantities you get a better price. I tend to buy a 16 pack that lasts me a year, yes they are that good & when they are too blunt for me the wife uses the old blade for her legs. I have been using Cleanshaven for the last couple of years, my daughter has also started using them & I have recommended them to several friends & workmates. The delivery has always been quick & well packaged. Highly recommend you try them as they are a fraction of the cost of brands like Gillette & I have found them to be equivalent if not better than them. Excellent alternative to the exorbitantly priced mainstream shaving products from the big manufacturers sold in shops. Really fine blades, and excellent fragrances .
Mike Hubbard
I was a Gillette fusion user but their prices were continually rising so I looked for an alternative and happily found ... Clean Shaven, what a difference! Excellent products, efficient service and at a price that doesn't break the bank. I don't know how they do it but it works! a great company to deal with.
John Beadle
Superb razor blades at prices that shame Gillette
Chris Burton
I left Gillette many years ago having tried dorco and until recently a customer of Harry's with a subscription for a number of years. ... I tried the clean shaven trial pack and was very impressed. Recently I purchased the 5 blade sensitive skin cartridges, these are excellent long lasting blades, they stay sharper than Harry's and work out cheaper. Highly recommended.
steven sardi
I have used clean shaven products for several years. I find that the shave is excellent, the blades also last ... very long (6-8 weeks use). I previously used the Gillette products, they are much more expensive & in my opinion, not as good.. than the cheap plastic feeling gillette, and as for the shave itself its equal to and perhaps even better than Gillette i still have a few spare blades for my Gillette power, so i will use each one alternately until my Gillette blades are finished then i will stick to my Clean Shaven kit, i recommend giving CS a try, for little money it's worth it and you might prefer it, go on give it a try🪒
Henk Smit
Brilliant razor of superior quality to Gilette at a fraction of the price. Just perfect,I've never looked back, ... just perfect. New version of blade and handle have much improved. Now when I drop the razor on the floor (I shave in the shower) it is easy to re-attach the blade and it doesn't break as easily as before. Also the handle is even more comfortable than before in my experience. And if you need an extra handle - well it costs next to nothing. Who could not be persuaded?
Keith Morgan
Excellent blades at a really good price. Worth the switch from expensive Gillette.
Simply, these cannot be beaten for quality and price. Better than Gillette and less than half the price without the ... contract that other online suppliers demand. Simply buy as and when you need. Top class.
Colin Davies
Fantastic product, prompt delivery, better than the Gillette alternatives would recommend to all!
Barney Henry
Hi I have tried the new razor and I found it very good I have been shaving with Gillette blades for years but I find the ... clean shaven very good.
Nigel Pearson
I love Clean Shaven’s blades, they seem much sharper and the big bonus of course is far superior than Wilkinson ... sword and Gillette.The price, so much cheaper than anything you’ll find in a supermarket, so for me it’s Clean Shaven forever. Keep the good work up, you deserve to do well.
Steve Crawford
Superb razor at a great price - fraction of the equivalent Gillette and superior quality to boot!! First rate fast ... delivery and excellent packaging - what more could you ask for?
Sallyann Minster
I tried Clean Shaven a couple of years ago and was not over happy with the shave and went back to my Gillette. ... Had an e-mail regarding the 5 blade razor they now do and decided to give it a try. I won't to buying any more Gillette I would reccommend trying it
Dermot Mckenna
I think they are a great razor better than my Gillette Fusion I won't be buying anymore Gillette after trying these.
Edward Stewart
Second time I have ordered from here excellent service good quality razors, fantastic price delivered almost as ... quick as I ordered, never going back to Gillette