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Clean Shaven

No. 3 (inspired by De Bleu) 25ml

No. 3 (inspired by De Bleu) 25ml

Luxurious Eau De Parfum, with fragrance inspired by Bleu de Chanel!

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What Some of Our Customers Say

Patrick Hall

Very nice smells almost identical to the real one IL be buying again.

John Clarke

Really nice fragrance. For the price you can afford to wear this everyday, lasts a long time too
If you’re buying new razor blades give this one a try . You won’t be disappointed

Thomas Weaver

£15 for 50 ml of the blue, well worth the money. Not as strong or as lasting as the original, but for work and every day use there great and well worth the money. . I’ll be ordering again for defs.

Robin Gill

Well I was very sceptical as I have bought Chanel De Bleau and love it. Ordered this from Clean Shaven, very surprised how nice smells, not alot difference only doesn’t last as long will be recommending.